Baking with your kids, Can be FUN!

I know the last thing a Mom or Dad wants to do is bake with their kids. Time is the only thing we can not buy with Money these days. The memories that you will make in the 3 months of Summer, will last a lifetime. When I make a cake, bake a cookie, or roll a pie crust it triggers a fond memory. I realize the EXTREME amount of Love my Mom, Aunt, or Grandma had for me.

Baking does not have to be hard and you do not have to do it from scratch. Box mixes are a great opportunity to allow your kids to practice math, creative thinking and time management. One of my favorite things about a plan box mix is, you are only limited by your imagination.

My favorite HOTROD Box Cake creation is my Pineapple Coconut Cream Cake. It starts with a Humble Yellow Mix, that is as far as normal goes here! I replace the oil with Crushed pineapple (same measurement as oil), Coconut Cream Milk ( for water), and eggs as usual. I add to the mix 1 cup Toasted Coconut flake and 1/4 cup brown sugar. This goes in the oven at a 20 degree lower temp and 10 minutes longer. Low and Slow to avoid burning. This one is Super Simple to make, my daughters can make this with ease. When this comes out of the oven, topping is not needed. My kids use Cool whip to garnish!

Cookies can come from a Pre made box, a recipe from a package, or your favorite Pinterest Recipe. What you need to remind yourself is…… This does not have to be perfect. Allow your children to measure, pour and mix. Your end goal is an edible product and a great sense of accomplishment because they helped. Then they will have a joy for cooking and baking paired with a memory of LOVE!

ANYONE CAN COOK, and you can bake with your kids and Have Fun!

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