Grow Your Food, Then you will know where it has BEEN!

When you grow your own herbs and vegetables you are 100% sure where your food has been. So many articles and social media scare us with all the things BIG BUSINESS is doing to our food. If you are one of those individuals this is a panic button for, Grow your own Food! You can do it!

All greenhouse and BIG BOX stores have a fresh plant section. If a patio planter is all you have space for, GO FOR IT! Stop making excuses , grab some potting soil and plants. I always advise you start small with a couple peppers, tomatoes, squash. You only need a small land plot to grow lettuce and it is super simple. When planting herbs, start with pre-grown small container plants. Keep in mind, herbs last from year so f you plant them, that is where they will re-emerge! I have huge success with Miracle Gro Product, and Burpee seed. Locally I can not say enough about Family owned green houses. I am a supporter of Bonnie Belle herbs! What you put in your soil is as important as how you care for your plants.

Simple Sauces and Salads are easy to achieve and with a little practice you can master this. Anyone Can Cook, and know how to grow their own food!

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