Strawberry Pie, Yes Please!

Fresh is best when serving any dessert at a Holiday picnic. My go to in the summer is to pick a Fresh fruit and serve it simply.

Strawberry pie is a sure fire hit at my house. You will need a pie crust, fresh plump berries and jello. I love this recipe because you can gather your family team and make it as a group. Once the pie crust is made and pre-baked you must allow it to cool. Be sure to poke some holes in that crust with a fork, to keep it flat while baking. You will need at least 2 quarts of fresh berries per pie. Our family always needs an extra quart for sampling while baking! Second step is to pile those berries in until they are a beautiful mountain filling the pie dish. Make your 2 packs of Strawberry Jello add 2 packs of KNOX and pour over berries until the pie is full. Place pie in to chill for at least 3 hours. We serve this with a heaping spoonful of cool whip. This Dessert marks the start of summer for our family! Make sure to you make 2 pies, this one is addictive. This pie disappears QUICK!

Anyone Can Cook, this pie is the start of your family tradition.

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