What does Mom want? A Day Off!

So when you are planning Mother’s Day for your special lady remember she just wants to relax. I can not relax when my family is in my Kitchen. So, I usually make my Own Mother’s Day Meal.

While planning a large family meal is tough, you can make it easier. Let’s use easy store bought items that your husband and children can manage.

Roasted Chicken, Parsley and Butter Noodles and Steamed Broccoli   When you are shopping this is an easy list.  One 3 pound whole chicken will feed 4 people easy.  One package of egg noodles, and 2 pounds of Vegetables per 4. Bring home the bird, unwrap and rinse with cold water.  place chicken in roasting dish and let it sit for 5 minutes.  That will allow it to air dry a moment.  (BE SURE TO WASH YOUR HANDS, THE SINK , and any surface touched with RAW CHICKEN!)   Now lets prepare for roasting.  I always use my GO TO spices, salt, pepper, and Italian Seasoning.  If you like a crispy finish a drizzle of Olive Oil does the trick!  You will need to add some type of liquid for cooking  may I recommend White Wine!  This chicken will require at least 2 to 3 hours of Roasting , always start at 375 and lower heat after an hour to 350.  HINT### I always cover my bird with foil and place a lemon cut in half in the cavity.     When you are only 30 minutes away from serving your chicken, start your noodles.  Boil and Rinse as you would any pasta.  Place 1/2 stick of butter and 1/2 cup fresh cut parsley into the pan and mix with the HOT PASTA.  Cover and let rest.  Steam your desired Vegetable, for a short cut many stores offer Steam Ready Packages.   If you choose the fresh route, place Veggies into a stockpot with 1 cup water .  Cook until Tender , drain and add butter.

So we made Chicken, Noodle , and Vegetables.  Mom will rest and enjoy your amazing effort!  Lets make Dessert.  this is SUPER EASY!

Box Brownie Mix and Peanut Butter. I love the Hershey Mixes if you can find them!  Bake Brownies as directed.  When they come from hot oven, drizzle melted Peanut Butter over the top in a fancy swirl.  Of course being a Central Pennsylvania GAL I LOVE REESES!  Congratulations, serve with Ice Cream!

ANYONE CAN COOK, Give Mom this Day OFF!  She loves you an Effort will be applauded!

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