Weeknight Quality Meals

Cooking for a family is hard. With a little preperation we can have a fresh meal every night. Let’s walk through three meals you can do in 30 minutes or less after work.

Meal 1  Chicken breast and pasta are always a great go to! Before you leave in the morning put your crockpot to work. Place Chicken in the bottom of crockpot. Guide is one 1/2 Breast piece per adult. You will add,  1 can of diced tomato ,( Fire-roasted herb type) , 1 diced Sweet onion, and 8 whole garlic cloves. This will cook all day on low. When you arrive home cook up your favorite large pasta. Remove the chicken, and thicken the sauce with a bit of jar sauce. My family love Texas Toast Garlic Bread with this.

Meal 2  This one is a whole marinated pork loin into the crock pot , 1 cup Italian Dressing and Peppers and onions. When you arrive home cook up some minute rice on the stove. Steam up your fresh veggies and serve with sliced pork.

Meal 3  Beef Italiano   You will need a beautiful piece of Roast. place the roast first, one cup of Italian Dressing and fresh Peppers. I use Red Peppers for Sweet taste. Cook on Low all day. I like to remove the roast and pull it like BBQ. Serve it with a spicy red sauce on your favorite Hoagie Roll. French Fries or any side will do.

Anyone Can Cook, this one lets you be home-made in the middle of the week.

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