Campfire Cooking, Easy Family Night

When I think campfire Hot dog is the GO TO MEAL! Nope, when I was young I learned campfire food could be amazing.

HOBO Wraps A campfire meal in one packet. You can get the kids involved and they just might eat what they cook. You will need a assembly line to make them, lets all get involved. Start with Good Quality Ground Beef, Carrots ( thick rounds), Sweet Onions ( Thicker Rounds), Baby Potatoes, and Cabbage leaves. Make a Baseball sized , well seasoned Burger. Place the Cabbage Leaf in the center of a larger sized thick aluminum foil. In with the Burger, add carrots, onion, taters , and season to taste. I love to hit them with salt, pepper , ground garlic, and Montreal Steak seasoning. Fold the cabbage to enclose them. The Cabbage acts a steaming Cocoon. I often use 2 to 3 leaves so the inside does not burn, camp fires ARE NOT AN OVEN! Use 2 to 3 layers of the foil to secure each HOBO Wrap. This is the time to enjoy your family and let the HOBO Cook. When you open them , have a bit of butter to add to those Taters. This is a Full Meal in one Wrapper.
Cookie Smores These are one of my favorites! You can bake your cookies. I have a great Blog Here! #1 With A Bulliet COOKIES, or you can buy some Store Cookies! Great Soft Marshmallows are the key to a great S’more! In our Chocolate Chip Cookie Smores I advise, you use a Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup for your Chocolate source. Roast them and Smoosh Away. These are the BOMB!

ANYONE CAN COOK, Campfires take your show on the ROAD!

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