Brussel Sprouts , They are For You!

When I think about vegetables for a Holiday day table. I think so many options. Brussel Sprouts may not be everyone’s favorite , but they could be.

I am going to tell you two ways to prepare them to make your whole family change their minds. Start By removing the bottom stem of the brussels sprouts with a quarter inch cut. Then you will cut each small Brussel sprout into half. This is where you will add your Italian dressing. I take a large bowl and toss the brussels sprouts with the dressing while I warm the oven to 375°. Put the vegetables on a boiled baking sheet put in the oven for 15 minutes and remove and you’re ready to serve. Another variation on this recipe is to crisp a half a pound of bacon and toss the bacon with the brussels sprouts including the grease.

Anyone Can Cook, And you Just May be able to get someone to eat Tiny Cabbages.

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