Pa Dutch Hot lettuce

This is a very Local recipe , but I fInd it has a huge following amongst THE OUTSIDERS! The OUTSIDERS, a term used for those not from Central Pa. It says Spring to me.

The Salad is simple. Fresh Iceberg Lettuce chunked into cubes, a red onion sliced into to thin rounds, and hard boiled eggs in Quarters.

In a fry pan begin with 6 pieces of Thick cut smoked bacon in 1 inch pieces. If your butcher shop offers Ends and Pieces they are great for this. Fry until crisp, remove bacon let grease. In a bowl scramble 4 eggs , add 2 TBSP sugar and 1TBSP vinegar. I prefer Apple Cider Vinegar. You will add the mixture to the hot pan , whisking it’s it cooks. You will get a thick roux, thin out a bit with water. It will be a smooth yellow dressing.

Pour over the salad on a large serving plate and add the fried bacon. Anyone Can Cook this Amazing Salad. I often Substitute Spinach for the Iceberg. You are the cook! Anyone Can Cook, THIS MEANS YOU!

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