Deviled Eggs- The Perfect Easter Starter

Everyone is buying Eggs on Easter. So why not eat some of them! You will want Great Quality Extra Large Eggs. I always buy my DEVILED EGGS , A week ahead of time. A little longer in the fridge seems to make them separate from the shell a bit simpler.

Place your eggs in a pan of warm water, 1 TBSP Vinegar in the water helps with peeling. Boil for 10 minutes on HIGH, let sit for 10 more minutes before peeling. Strain eggs into a colander and run Cool water to SHOCK the Shell. They should peel nicely. After peeling and rinsing them all its time to DIVIDE AND CONQUER! I split all the Eggs in Half, Horizontally. Spoon the vibrant Yellow into a bowl and begin to crush with a fork. You will add 1/2 cup Mayo, 2 TBSP Yellow mustard and a 1/2 tbsp. onion powder. Begin to whip the yolk and added ingredients until smooth. MY PRO TIP Always spoon the mixture into a Gallon Ziploc bag with the bottom corner cut off. Arrange whites on a plate and begin to fill with the mixture from Ziploc Bag. This allows you to be a bit more decorative! I always sprinkle with Paprika for a colorful and flavorful finish! ANYONE CAN COOK, and we are just getting started making you the STAR of EASTER!

EXTRA You can also do this with MY RED BEET EGGS as well. It will add more color to your table!

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