Let’s Talk Turkey

One of my favorite things to eat on the Grill is Turkey Breast. It’s lends it’s self so well to any flavor you choose to immerse it in. The key to moist Turkey anytime is Herbs and Oil.

My No Fail Marinade is Always Gazebo Room Greek Dressing. A Gallon size Zipper Storage Bag and 8 hours gives the best result. It’s an overnight prep job at its best!

Light your Grill, we have Propane. Make Sure you clean in between uses. I often put a little of Vegetable oil on a rag and rub the grates to avoid the Meat sticking. On Medium Heat Place your Turkey Breast on the Heat directly and allow to cook 12 to 15 minutes. At that time I flip over and do the same.

Remove the Beautiful Grilled Meat from the grill , cover and allow it to rest for 10 minutes. I then slice on a diagonal pattern for presentation. My family loves this with rice and vegetables also grilled at the same time. The Gazebo does a great job on Veggies TOO! Anyone Can Cook, and Now you can Grill Turkey!

2 thoughts on “Let’s Talk Turkey”

  1. My favorite kind of recipe – KISS or Keep It Stupid Simple. Will need to try this soon. Do you have any experience with the Gazebo flavors (Asian, balsamic etc) or would you recommend staying with the original flavor?


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