Puff Pastry is For Everyone

When I am drinking my coffee sometimes I want something fancy. When I am going to a special family event , sometimes I want to look accomplished. Puff Pastry is the answer!

A simple packag you can buy in the frozen area allows you to be the Martha Stewart any day of the week. Let’s do something simple.

Buy the frozen dough and bring it home. Place the pre-made dough out on a thin tea towel and allow it to warm. NEVER EVER work with cold pastry. Open it flat and grab a couple sheets. You will need Melted Butter, LOTS OF IT! Really a 1/2 cup. Brush between each layer to ensure they rise. I suggest 4 to 5 sheets for each set of 4 fold overs Cut the piece in four large squares. Look at the piece, visualize it being two large triangles. You will be folding it in a triangle shape. Place 2 Tbsp of your favorite thick fruit preserve on one side of the triangle. Using melted butter brush the edges and fold into a triangle. Fold the dough into a triangle and brush outside of dough with the butter. I always sprinkle mine with a smidge of white sugar. Bake at 350 for 10 minutes and check at 8. You will know when they are done by gooey goodness seeping out and a beautiful light brown color. Anyone Can Cook, now you are a Fancy Pastry Chef!

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