Grilled Cheese aMelty Meal

A grilled cheese sandwich is easy and quick. However it doesn’t have to be boring! The possibilities are endless.

Meatless, Meaty, or overboard on Vegetables the Filling is up to you! The only thing you need to remember is it is all about the bread. I am going to Share three of my favorites and I hope you will agree , Grilled Cheese is the perfect meal.

Bacon ,Tomato , and Provolone. Tuna Salad, Tomato and Swiss. Roasted Red Pepper, Grilled onions , spinach and shredded Asiago.

Those are my Fillings here is the assembly. Always choose a dense, large size bread. I prefer a great Wide Italian or a rich dense Rye. Here is the Super Secret! Apply Mayo to the sides of the bread you will be grilling! That is the best way to get an amazing crunch. I always start the sandwich open face on the topping covered piece of the bread. Once you have the ingredients piled high cover with a lid or slip in your oven for a quick melt. Top with the sandwich and grill it top down. A little press with a bacon press of heavy fry pan will give you an amazing finish. Serve with your favorite soup Anyone Can Cook the Perfect Grilled Cheese.

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