Wicked Fillings Part 2

The filling combinations are ENDLESS! I often feel like Bubba in Forest Gump when I talk about hand pies. I can go on and on in endless chatter. So for today I will limit myself to three recipes for you!

Philly Steak Sandwich is my kids favorite. You will use a thin cut of steak, 1 red pepper, 1 yellow pepper , 1 small sweet onion , and a great steak seasoning. Cheese is up to you, I use Cheddar shredded or Velveeta.

Vegetable Primavera This one is so simple and so versatile. You basically choose whatever fresh veggies you like and sautee them until fork tender. When they get to fork tender a simple dash of Good Italian dressing will add a flavor boost. I always choose a Better Quality Italian Cheese. Asiago or Parmesan is my go to.

The Cuban This one is a great option if you are “just sick of eating”. You know those nights Nothing appeals to you. So you will need good quality pulled pork, mustard , onions, dill pickles, deli ham , and Swiss cheese. THATS ALL! The key to making this is Sautee the Pork in a hot frying pan with 2 TSP of mustard per cup of Pork. When it is heated through and so moist add 1/8 cup of pickle juice, TRUST ME! this is it. Layer on the hand pie dough as follows….pork , 6 slices dill pickle, slice of deli ham and swiss cheese .

These are 3 of my favorites , but the options are up to You! YOU CAN COOK, and you can do it tonight!

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