Oreo Pudding Chocolate Cupcakes

Yes, They are all this and more. This one is SUPER SIMPLE! Let’s Go!

Here is the Shopping List!

1 Pillsbury Cake Mix, 1 Pint Heavy Cream, 2 larger boxes Oreo Pudding , Milk, Coffee, Eggs, Vegetable Oil

Prepare the cake mix as directed , substitute coffee for the water. You will bake these in cupcake liners. Be sure to add 1 Oreo per cupcake before making. Be sure to read and follow the directions on the box for cooking times. While they cool you will make the icing.

Icing is Easy and Quick. In the mixer bowl add the entire pint of Heavy Cream into the mixer bowl. Begin to whip. As it becomes thicker add both pudding mixes. Once it is nice and thick, you will work in a 1/4 cup of milk to thin slightly. It will be nice and thick and ready to go into you Ziploc bag. After you have iced them, add 1/2 Oreo to each cupcake!

Anyone Can Cook, I promise. These are SO WORTH YOUR TIME!

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