“Mixing Up” Chicken Salad

Whenever I have an opportunity to order for a menu, I always choose a chicken salad option. I often take ” The Bones” angle on any new item I make. I take the core ingredients and grow from there!

I have a collection of tasty chicken Salad combinations throughout my past couple years. A few of my favorites have been, Chicken Cobb Bacon, Chicken Bacon Tomato, Bacon Ranch Chicken,,,,,,,. Well, guess you can tell by now I can add BACON to anything. However, The recipe I will share with you today DOES NOT USE BACON. In fact this one is light and Healthy.

Chicken Cesar Chicken Salad

2 Cups Shredded or Small Cubes of Cooked White Meat Chicken, 3 stalks of inner celery stalks with leaves (cut into fine dice) , 3 TBSP of good Parmesan Shred, 1/2 cup Premium Cesar Dressing ( I LOVE KEN”S) This is my GUIDELINE! When the Ingredients are few, quality is IMPORTANT!   You will mix all the items together and serve as you wish.  I love them on a soft Kaiser roll or bed of mixed greens.

ANYONE CAN COOK, this is a Stellar Recipe to be Packed Lunch Ready this Week!

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