Wicked Mac and Cheese

Everyone know Mac and Cheese is the ultimate comfort food. When you think about how warm and luscious it is, you melt. Well I do anyway. When I am faced with a cold, rainy day. My menu always includes my Wicked Mac and Cheese.

It all starts with a white sauce. One Stick of Full Fat Salted Butter. 2 Cups of White Flour, 2 Tbsp. Garlic Powder and 1 TBSP of Dark Smoked Paprika. Then Finally 4 to 5 cups of milk. Start the stick of butter on medium high heat. After the butter is melted whisk in the 2 cups of flour. A dark brown doughy rue will begin to form. Begin to whisk in 2 cups of milk until smooth and creamy. I reduce the heat at this point. After this becomes a thick gravy texture I add the next 2 to 3 cups of milk. Follow the same process. After a smooth beige sauce is made remove from heat. At this point I add 4 cups of Mozzarella and 2 cups cheddar shredded. After this has melted in you have your cheese sauce.

I always cook a hearty noodle for my Mac and Cheese. Penne, Elbow, Rotini they all work! Cavatapi is my favorite! Add noodles and combine with cheese sauce. Place in your trusty casserole dish and top with your favorite toppings, IT IS THE PERFECT Base for your culinary artistry! I love Candied Bacon, Fresh Tomato and Crouton or even a Slice Italian Chicken Breast. You will bake at 350 degrees for 25 minutes. Dinner is served!

Follow this simple recipe and YOU CAN COOK! I promise. Maybe even stop buying that Blue Box Forever!

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