Hearty French Onion Roast Beef

This is a sure fire way to bring the family to the table for an amazing weeknight meal. With a little preparation this one is a Winner! A crock pot is the key to the low and slow success. You will start with a 3 pound ( at least) Beef Chuck Roast, 4 large sweet onions, one can of beef broth and a packet of instant French onion soup mix.

Heat a skillet to the highest temp and Sautee at least 4 large sweet onions cut into rounds. I use an entire stick of butter and pepper to do this. Do not add salt it only adds to the amount of water in the pan. After you have a beautiful carnalized pan of onions remove them and set aside. With the pain covered in all those wonderful bits brown your chuck roast in that pan. Sprinkle each side with pepper and salt and garlic powder. You will allow 5 to 7 minutes per side. Be sure to do the edges as well. We are building flavor! Flavor is the key to the meat.

At this point we move to the crockpot. First Chuck Roast, onions will follow. At this point you will take the skillet and release the base. Heat the pan, add the beef broth and use a spatula to gently scrape the pan. Cover the beef and onions with the French onion soup packet and finally all that amazing stock from the skillet! NEXT, LOW AND SLOW! This will cook throughout the day and be ready to eat in 5 to 6 hours.

I find a crusty Kaiser roll is the best way to serve. Fill the bottom of the roll with a generous portion of the meat and top with cheese of your choice. I often melt the cheese in the oven or in the microwave. Be sure to get your self a side of the amazing au just for dipping!

Another Blog will follow with the recipe to our Sweet Onion Asiago Roll Recipe!

Follow this simple set of directions to an amazing beef sandwich. Anyone Can Cook, I Promise!

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