How to Make a Wicked Sticky!

Since the day I opened my doors at the Wicked Kitchen until the 3yeas later when they closed. ” How do you make your Wicked Stickies” was the popular question. I can honestly say they are the most beautiful mess I ever created. From start to finish they were living proof of shear luck!

I set out to make a sweet like no one had every tasted or experienced. I wanted them to be the definition of excess, hence why eventually bacon and whiskey were woven into the mix. They start simple enough ..Great Yeast, Soft Sifted High End Flour , Salt, Oil , Cinnamon, and Warm Water. After you mix them in the perfect knead, they double and even triple to create a pillow of hand pressed dough ready to be your canvass. As you press out the dough, I often was beaming with the most amazing smile knowing what they would become. Cold Butter warmed by hand is broke into pieces to cover the dough as if it became polka dotted by butter. The final most amazing step in the decadent Spreading of dark or medium brown sugar. As you do this you make sure you cover every inch of the dough with the brown sweet ingredient.

A tight firm roll of the dough , working away from your body on the table was the start of the lovely shape we all know and love. Each Sheet pan was covered with baking parchment to ensure the sprinkle of Turbinado Sugar didn’t stick the bun to the pan, yet it had a crispy sweet bottom. As Each Dough snake of Cinnamon Goodness was made cutting is the next step. Each roll needs to but cut into a 2 inch thick slice laid on the sheet pan and allowed to rise. Once Again TIME, TIME is key! After you see the roll has risen 3x times its size , baking is the final step for this Masterpiece! Bake for 20 minutes in a preheated 375 degree oven.

They will present a warm dark brown on top and a soft middle when correctly baked. A home oven was quite an adjustment for me , but a little tweaking of your home oven will make for perfection. I hope this is what you are all looking for. I will have a Video of the process on the Facebook Group Anyone Can Cook, for your reference. Also the written recipe will be there as well! As always that is where you can ask questions. Remember with a little practice, ANYONE CAN COOK!

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