Simple Super Bowl Ribs

How do you cook Ribs? This was my Kryptonite for many years. I would buy rack after rack to only ruin them. I would use my oven, my grill, and even my crock pot with NO success. Until I thought and realized I was tryin to hard.

The secret to making a tough cut of meat is Low and Slow. I thought out my plan of attack and went about the task. If you want the bones to slide from the cut with no effort , time is your secret weapon.

Now, may people will fight each other on secret rubs and top secret sauces as the key to good ribs. The flavor combo I have found that is full proof for ribs is simple. Savory and Sweet. An intense Steak seasoning and Cinnamon Sugar blend is all you need. Not expensive, not labor intensive and by no means pit master training is needed. If you follow this simple blue print you will be serving Top Notch ribs with little to no effort!

So you will need to buy a couple of things at the store. Beef or Pork Ribs, Steak Seasoning , Cinnamon Sugar Blend, Aluminum Foil and One bottle of Good Quality Lager. ( You may need the other 5 for guest) LOL

You will begin by seasoning the ribs liberally with both the steak seasoning and the cinnamon sugar mixture on both sides. Do not be afraid to rub the seasoning into the meat. If you have time allow the ribs to sit overnight in the dry rub, if you don’t have that long a minimum of 2 hours in the fridge in a closed plastic vessel will do. Next, you will move them to a deep dish cake/lasagna pan for roasting. You will lay them as flat as possible a little overlap is fine. Pour one bottle of your fine Lager over the ribs. ( If you do not consume beer , Root Beer works quite well) THIS IS THE MOST IMPORTANT PART! Cover the pan with a triple layer of Aluminum Foil, be sure to seal the edges tight on all four sides. Off to the a 270 degree oven for 4 to 5 hours. DO NOT PEEK, DO NOT PEEK, DO NOT PEEK! After 4 and 1/2 hours you can look. Beware if you wear glasses you may get steamed when opening the pan. (I always do) At this time you will remove them from the pan and place them on a cookie sheet. Raise the temp in your oven to 350 degrees, glaze them with your favorite BBQ sauce. You can cook them for an additional 15 to 20 minutes and they will be fall off the bone perfect!

There you have Simple Ribs. A little bit of effort and A whole lot of work for your oven! With a practice of this recipe , it will join your regular rotation. Anyone Can Cook, I promise!

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